Kelly Chats with Too Peas in a Podcast

Owner & founder, Kelly shares her family & business story with Too Peas in a Podcast in April 2024. A platform where podcasters Mandy & Kate laugh, cry & chat to each other and friends about parenting children with disabilities and additional needs.
Kelly says -  "from the first time I listened to Mandy & Kate I thought, I’d really love to chat with these gorgeous women someday to share my story about our unique family and our Sensory Friendly Clothing business”  It’s a surreal feeling when something you want, actually happens" ! 😧
It takes courage to share parts of your life that are personal & painful & we applaud every guest / speak piper who has done so on this wonderful podcast. It has brought so much knowledge & understanding to lives of many people & we are honoured to have been part of it." ♥️

🌈 You can listen to the podcast here. Enjoy 😊

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