What makes us Special?

Hey there, I’m Kelly. Owner & Creator of Comfort on the Spectrum. 

All of our products have been uniquely designed with love & care for LOVERS of Comfort!

We acheive this by taking the body's senses into careful consideration, using only the softest bamboo fabric, flat seam stitching and avoiding all of the annoying things like like tags, buttons, zips & plastic graphics.

This makes them perfect for ALL humans, including those who experience discomfort from clothing due to sensitivities from Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD or Sensitive Skin.

We pride ourselves on being an INCLUSIVE brand. 

Our mission is to help make dressing a comfortable and pleasurable experience & look amazing all at the same time!

We are so happy that you’ve found us here.

Thanks so much for visiting!

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Soothe Step Sensory Socks - Kids

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KIDS - TEENS Collection

Adult Collection

Understanding our sensory clothing

Get ready for some serious garment magic! Our special formula combines Bamboo and Spandex to create a fabric that's unbelievably soft, like snuggling up with a cloud. And here's the best part: Bamboo is not just good for the environment, it's also a superhero for sensitive skin. It keeps you cool when it's hot outside, and warm when it's freezing. It's the perfect choice for those who want to feel fabulous all year round!


Say goodbye to uncomfortable seams and hello to Flatlock Seam Stitching! Our garments are all about giving you that smooth, flat feeling against your skin. No more pesky bulk or irritation. Plus, with extra stretch and strength, these babies are built to last!

Tags & Graphics

Get ready to ditch those itchy tags and say goodbye to annoying sensory annoyance from rubbery plastic graphics. Our garments are all about comfort and care, with heat printed instructions & graphics that keep the fabric soft & you feeling good.

Children’s Clothing Category

2023 SHE-Com Product Awards Winner !

We are so proud to announce that Comfort on the Spectrum's nominated product, 'The Long Set,' won first place in the Children’s Clothing Category in the she-com product awards!


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About us

Hello and welcome to Comfort on the Spectrum! I am so happy that you have found us here and I hope that our products can provide a beautiful Sensory Experience to you or your loved one.

If you have found this page then, like me, you are curious about who is behind the brand and how it came to life.

Let me fill you in..

My name is Kelly. I am married with four children & three fur babies.. We live in Melbourne, Australia. 

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