About us

Hello and welcome to Comfort on the Spectrum! I am so happy that you have found us here and I hope that our products can provide a beautiful Sensory Experience to you or your loved one.

If you have found this page then, like me, you are curious about who is behind the brand and how it came to life.

Let me fill you in..

My name is Kelly. I am happily married, have four children (three sons and a daughter) and a therapy dog, Ted. We live in Melbourne, Australia. 

I am passionate about family, friends and living life with acceptance and adventure. Inclusivity is very important to me which is why I also work casually in disability support, helping people in the community to live an equal and inclusive lifestyle.

When our third son was 6 weeks old, we noticed there was a problem with his vision. After several trips to the children’s hospital, many tests, lots of stress, worry, anxiety & tears, we found out that our third baby, Max had no vision or light perception in either eye. He was born with a very rare & complex genetic condition called Norrie Disease. This means that he was born blind and we later discovered that he also has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Max is 12 now and boy have we learnt a lot from this journey we have been on!

Most importantly, that he is so much more than his disability. He is kind, funny, passionate, stubborn, a wiz at braille & maths and a brilliant musician! He is a loving brother, friend, son, grandson, nephew & cousin and is adored by many people who are lucky to be part of his life.

Not everything easy though & life is far from perfect. There have been many ups & downs along the way.  Max’s sensitivities and anxieties are challenging and we seek ongoing therapies to manage them. Over the years they have changed. Some have improved, some have worsened and some new ones pop up without any warning at all.

Clothing (particularly pyjamas) is a big one!

When Max was little I found it relatively easy to find clothing that he would tolerate at the local shops. I learnt to avoid things like zips, buttons, scratchy or uncomfortable materials and I would cut off tags and always wash the garment before use. More thought had to go into the purchases, but it was doable. 

Once he reached a size 10, it started to get harder. When he reached size 12 it became extremely difficult… Why can’t I find any decent Sensory Friendly Pyjamas in a size 12?! I questioned.  I searched high & low to find something that he would tolerate wearing around the house and to bed. I wasted money on items that he would rip apart, cry a bucket of tears over or simply take off because the feeling was too intolerable. He was wearing one pair of pyjamas that were too small repeatedly and would get so upset when I had to take them away to wash them for fear that he wouldn’t ever get them back (insert distraught face here!)

It was at this time that an idea sparked in my heart & started me thinking about how I could  help Max, other tweens / teens & their parents to overcome this problem. So I began to call therapists & friends with children around the same age.  I wasn’t alone…  "Uncomfortable", 'Too many plastic & childish graphics", "cheap & hot material", "too expensive", was the feedback I got. 

I knew on an intuitive level that this needed to change.  So I started studying more about what "Sensory Friendly" meant and completed a fabulous course by Geraldine Gereb called "Traffic Jam in my Brain". I devoured information on the Senses and felt ready to share my knowledge.

And so…. Comfort on the Spectrum was born!!   A startup range of Pyjamas / Loungewear ranging from size 8-18 to suit ALL growing humans to keep them comfortable and happy. 

I have always loved creativity, hard work & keeping busy, so learning about design and manufacturing came quite naturally. I was focused & knew exactly what I wanted to create. I'm also lucky to have the fussiest, most, honest and sensitive garment tester right at my disposal!

I can honestly say that Max and my daughter Ruby are absolutely loving all of the designs and have happily donated all of their old Pj's to the bin. They are thrilled to be involved in helping with photoshoots and are keen know whats happening with the development of the business. 

My dream is that we can fill the gap in the market by providing beautiful, age appropriate, affordable designs for families like mine. I’d love to expand to more types of clothing & even adult sizing one day.  If some of the pressure is taken off parents and carers & we can help make the lives of those wearing them easier and happier I couldn’t wish for more. 

 If you gotten this far, thanks for you interest in our story and thank you for supporting our business.  We’d  love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to comment or say Hi! 

 Love Kelly , Comfort on the Spectrum xx