Smells, feelings and memories

📖 Recently when we were on a family trip Max & I got talking about senses, in particular - smells 👃🏼 How they can help locate places (especially when you can’t see) & how they trigger memories or feelings of different things…

Here are some of our musings.. I wonder if you can relate? or have any smells that make you remember something in particular?

🥖Garlic bread is the smell of a restaurant
☕️ Coffee is the smell of a cafe
💧Chlorine smells like swimming
🪑Furniture smells like Thailand
🫧Blankets smell like Grandmas
🏖️ The caravan smells like mozzie cream
🚌 The school bus smells like lots of things
🤧When I have a cold I can’t smell anything at all
👃🏼There are bad smells and good smells.
😁Good smells are the best
🙏🏻Some people can’t smell anything at all

By Max

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