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Hey there, I’m Kelly. Owner & Creator of Comfort on the Spectrum. 

All of our products have been uniquely designed for LOVERS of Comfort!

We use only high quality, Eco friendly bamboo fabric & avoid all of the annoying stuff like tags, buttons, zips & plastic graphics.

This makes them perfect for ALL humans, including those who experience discomfort from clothing due to conditions such as Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD or Sensitive Skin.

We pride ourselves on being an INCLUSIVE brand. 

Our mission is to help make dressing a comfortable and pleasurable experience & look amazing all at the same time!

We are so happy that you’ve found us here.

Thanks for visiting!

  • Effortless

  • Relaxed

  • Comfortable

  • Calming









Sensory Friendly Bamboo Fabric

All of our garments are crafted from an organic blend of 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex. The feeling is ultra soft and so light it glides over the skin. Bamboo not only an ethical choice but it is naturally hypo-allergenic and highly breathable. It will keep your skin cool in summer and warm in winter. A perfect, long lasting sensory friendly choice.

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Flat Stitched Seams on Sensory Friendly Garment

Flat Stitched Seams

All of our garments have been created using Flatlock Seam Stitching. This means that the seam is flat on both sides of the garment for a more comfortable feeling against the skin with less bulk. It also allows for more stretch and is stronger for greater durability and a longer lasting product.

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Heat Printed Tags

No itchy and annoying tags! All of our garments have heat printed care instructions to avoid sensory distress.

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