One of the most important lessons I have learned as a parent, particularly when raising a child with a disability, is the profound impact of acceptance. 🤍


If you're familiar with me, you've likely heard my heartfelt mantra, “Acceptance Sets You Free.” 🙌🏻


Undeniably challenging, it places a significant strain on the heart ♥️, demanding time, patience, and substantial energy. Navigating through the process of accepting what is beyond our control requires resilience and emotional strength.


Gee it’s tough though isn’t it? And it’s really hard on the heart ♥️


It also takes time & a lot of energy before you can accept what you can’t control.


A journey I believe is worth pursuing to live a happier life.


Embracing acceptance fosters a profound sense of peace and opens doors to a brighter future. 🪴

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