Disability & Behaviour of Strangers

Let’s talk about stranger behavior around disability.🤔

Recently, a friend of mine told me she was offered money by a complete stranger to “help” her disabled child. Another friend was asked insulting personal questions publicly as to “why” her child has a disability 😳

I clearly remember a shop assistant laughing at Maxs eyes when he was a baby. I wanted to scream at her but I couldn’t because I was so upset.😓

I’ve also experienced discrimination against my clients as a support worker & it makes me crazy! 😤

I will never understand this kind of behavior. It ranges from offensive, to ignorant, to curiosity & sadly, exclusion. It always baffles me ~ after all, people are just people right?!

When I was away last week, there was a Mum with her son, in the same pool as my husband & I. I assume her son had Autism as he was non-verbal, stimming & LOVING the warm water & peaceful atmosphere. 🥰

His Mum was relaxing, but had that familiar look on her face that said “PLEASE don’t disturb these people & PLEASE don’t do anything that is going to cause to cause a scene!! ” - A familiar feeling to many parents!

As I sat there, I wondered if I should say “hi” & reassure her that it was “all good” - we “get it” and not to stress… But … I decided not to.

I didn’t because she shouldn’t need to be reassured. Her & her son had every right to be there, without reason or excuses or concern about what other people will randomly say or think about them.

So I did what I wish others would do sometimes - I smiled a friendly smile & minded my own business! ☺️

No comments, no staring, no interfering.

Just a group of people, going about their swim & enjoying themselves, happy that others are too. ♥️

So unless someone needs your assistance or asks for it, just chill out! Please just try & accept others, be kind & get on with your day!

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