Road Trip Prep for Smooth Adventures!

Traveling with disability can be tricky and having a dual diagnosis of Blindness and Autism can have its challenges, but with enough preparation & a positive attitude it is 100% achievable.  

To prepare for our 9 Week Caravanning trip through the Red Centre, Top End and East Coast of Australia we tried to be as prepared as possible to make it an enjoyable and smooth experience for everyone.

To achieve this, we arranged our itinerary and locked in the journey! Next we transcribed it into Braille, had tactile maps made and prepared a social story to cover the time we are away from home & routine. 

Doing this really helped to form concepts of what to expect during the trip. Max enjoys going over them all regularly. He also enjoys calculating the distance we are traveling, how long it takes to get there and what’s happening next. We voice record of all of the guided tours we go on so that he can listen to them and process the information as many times as he wants to in his spare time.

Sometimes it is difficult to see other families jump on their bikes, ride around effortlessly or easily walk /climb steep hills, while we compromise and do things at a slower pace.  Fleeting feelings that we don’t dwell on, but exist nevertheless. 

Not everything is accessible, always thinking / planning ahead and people can often be bit awkward… but, it is such a rewarding experience. 

Inclusion and support are at the heart of every decision we make and that’s easy, because life is short, family is everything & making memories to last a lifetime is always worth it. 👨‍🦯 🚐  🌅


Brailled Itinerary Book with binding Tactile Map of AustraliaHands reading Brailled Itinerary

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