Confessions of an Accidental Brand Creator

I’ve got a confession to make… When I started Comfort on the Spectrum, I had no idea that I was building a brand. 🤷‍♀️
My goal & ambition was to fix a problem & fulfill a need. A need that was personal to my own family… A need to reduce sensory distress, create inclusive sizing, make it look good & do it all well!
The only way I could see it working was to create it from scratch. 🧵🪡
Somewhere along the way, the ambition turned into reality & the goals were not only being met, they were also growing. 💥
It was during a recent meeting with my Digital Mentor when he congratulated me for building such a great “brand” that I was honestly surprised at the phrase.. Wowzers! I guess that’s what making it from scratch means right?! 😂
Well now that I’m over the shock of the reality, I am embracing it - because owning this "brand" means that I have control to ensure it stands for everything I believe in & all that has been important from the very beginning. From the quality & affordability of our products, to creating awareness around differences, honesty, integrity & the inclusion of people with disability. 🙌🏻
In the next month we are expecting another bulk order filled with hundreds of products, new designs & new colours for adults & kids. I am also designing an adaptive Nightdress for a wholesale client (requested for the elderly), plus exploring options to expand our range to include some underwear & socks. It can feel a bit overwhelming at times but it is also really exciting. 💫
Forever grateful to this community for embracing and supporting my small business. I have never been driven by brand ambition, hussle or making huge profits & no matter what the future holds, my main purpose will always be about you guys, listening to what you need and making a difference. ♥️

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