The perfect combination..?

Sometimes I question why I continue with the “support work” leg of my Sensory Clothing business. Others often ask me this as well. 🤔
Being away these past few days has me contemplating why? I’m the first to admit that it is not easy & it is tricky to balance it all.
But the truth is, caring for someone with a disability provides a clarity and reality to my life outside of my own families needs.
It provides an opportunity to get away from the desk & out into the community. It creates variation and helps to keep me in touch with what is important & why I continue to design Sensory clothes, why I want to help families like mine. ❤️
I am constantly amazed by people in the public who stare, look away uncomfortably or are super awkward about autism / neurodivergence, differences or disability. I am also warmed by the kindness & patience of some strangers who care a lot. 🥰
It is so important to represent, keep building awareness & most importantly provide opportunities for people living with disability to be included in society. 🫶🏻
Not just for my own child, but for someone else’s child, for you, for all of our children! ❤️
So I guess the answer is that support work isn’t a separate part of Comfort on the Spectrum at all, it is actually the very heart of it 💜

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